The Best Enjoyment With the Bottle Service

Go to a bar, this is how most parties for young people end. But there are things to avoid in front of the bartender. The bar is a little ” the place to be “, and going there is one of the things you do all the time when you are having an evening with friends, especially when you are young. The atmosphere is at the rendezvous, there is always the way to find known heads or make new acquaintances, and especially you do not risk to run out of alcohol, even if it ends up costing a little expensive.

However, if you are a regular and the bartender/barmaid has good, you can always hope to scratch some free consumptions. But to get that kind of little favor, you have to deserve it. Because the more we drink alcohol, the less we are intelligent, unfortunately.

It must be enough drunk to dock the barman/barmaid with a little chat without raising his suspicions being too stuffed. There are codes to respect in a bar, and it is better to stick to it under penalty of being quickly expelled. With the miami bottle service you can have the smartest deals.

Things to avoid doing in a bar

Here are the 20 things you can never do when you’re in a bar, alone or with friends. Otherwise, you risk getting clear at high-speed V.

Trying to manipulate luck at games

Many bars have some games, like roulette, for example, a sort of wheel of fortune that can double your bet as well as cancel it outright. But if you start cheating by stopping the wheel yourself on the number that suits you the most (often the one that doubles the shots) you will not be very well received …

Always try to bib the bartender

The bartender or barmaid is always someone basically open, who has no problem with human contact. It’s necessary for this job, after all. But if you start telling him about your life every two minutes, you’re going to get bored. It’s not like he/she can only devote himself to one customer.

The Best Enjoyment With the Bottle Service

Ask to get paid, every 10 minutes

If you consume the entire evening without ever balking at the idea of ​​giving your credit card, there is a good chance that you will be offered a drink or two at the bar. It’s a good war if you really spent a small fortune in the evening. But if you try to abuse the bartender’s kindness all the time, whatever you receive will be a good kick on the train.

Say you pay the tour and do not have your wallet

That’s the kind of thing that does it badly. In a burst of generosity (often largely helped by the level of alcohol in your blood) you announce that the next general tour and for you. But when the time to pay has arrived … you do not have a penny on you. Not only you risk to put the bartender back, but all potential customers of the moment.

Have a beer in the morning

Not that it’s a bad deal for the bartender, who will start making money in the morning since a beer is much more expensive than a coffee. However, you may be considered a first-class alcoholic, and you’ll be assured that the next time you enter here, you’ll be served your drink with an ounce of distrust. In your defense, you can always try to explain to him the benefits of beer.